Meet: Amanda from Exclusive Pumping

Exclusive Pumping founder Amanda Glenn was attracted to a career in IT because she likes there to be right answers. But when it came to nursing her first child, there were none. After a string of expensive lactation consults and no solutions, Glenn decided to scrap the plan and start pumping exclusively to feed her baby. She wanted to make sure other new moms have the resources she didn’t when she started.

“We have a Facebook group of 24,000 exclusive pumpers out there,” Glenn said. “The website offers two things: everything you need to know about how to make exclusive pumping work for you, and it offers support so you know you’re not alone.” The mother of three sat down with us to discuss when it’s time to give up on something that’s not working, and what she wants Exclusive Pumping to do for women.

“When I had my first baby, I really wanted to breastfeed him even though I knew logically formula feeding was ok. I’m not super pro you-have-to-breastfeed. I want Exclusive Pumping to be where you can figure out how to pump exclusively in the easiest way possible, and make your life as easy as possible.”
“I remember I was doing this baby yoga class, and I brought bottles to class but I was super self-conscious about it. I made sure they were Medela bottles, so it was obvious it was breast milk. That was so stupid – like, who cares!? No one ever said anything to me.”

“Get a hands-free pumping bra. Buy it immediately.”

“At the three-week mark, he was still not up to his birth weight. I was super frustrated. I was doing this thing called triple feeding, which is where you nurse, pump, and then bottle feed. That takes like an hour and you have to do it every three hours. So by the time you finish, you have an hour to sleep or do anything. It’s insane. So I just dropped the nursing part and all of the sudden I was like, I have so much time! This is fantastic!”

“For a long time I only had one set of pumping parts and I was constantly washing them. I would just recommend in the beginning to get a lot – as many as possible; at least as many as you pump a day.”

“With IT it’s important to prioritize what needs to be done immediately versus what can wait. When you’re putting software into production things go wrong and you have to very quickly be like, ‘Alright, we’re fixing this, and then we’re fixing this, but first you need to do this.’ I find that very helpful with getting my kids out the door in the morning.”

“The Merlin Magic Sleep Suit – I don't know if I would have survived my middle child’s babyhood without it, honestly. She was such a miserable sleeper.”

“No one half-asses this. We’re all trying our best and you should just have confidence in yourself. When you just had a baby every decision seems so momentous, but you’ll be fine. My kid is seven now and whether I swaddled him or not makes no difference in like how he’s doing in math these days.”
Helen Ciesielski

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