On Up supports women with a delightful and informative shopping experience for the products they need for the early days of motherhood.

On Up was founded by Helen, a mom of three and healthcare venture capitalist. On Up is part of the Pumpie family. Check out our blog to learn more about why we launched On Up.

Our Solution

On Up believes that shopping should be delightful and informative, even when you're using your insurance benefits. Today, On Up makes it easy to access insurance covered breast pumps and pack your pumping bag

How On Up Works

To receive your insurance covered breast pump through On Up...

1. Shop your way! Either select your plan to start shopping now or provide your information to have your pump options emailed directly to you.

Your breast pump options are based on your insurance plan. If you select the wrong plan you may be shown breast pump options that are not free for you. If you select a breast pump that is not covered, we will inform you and you will need to pick a different breast pump or pay cash for a breast pump. That would be a bummer! So, carefully select your plan. If you select a breast pump and you are not eligible to receive a breast pump, we will inform you and cancel your order. If you are not sure which plan you have, please contact us. If you do not have insurance and need a breast pump, please contact us. We are here to help!  

2. Shop from the breast pumps that are free for you!

3. Check out by paying for any accessories and providing your shipping and contact information.

4. Provide your information (insurance, doctor, contact) on the order confirmation page.

5. On Up will review your order and submit it to an On Up DME partner that is in-network for you.

6. On Up will notify you of your fulfilling DME and the ship date.

7. The DME will ship your breast pump to you and bill your insurance company.

It's that easy! Really! Get started by selecting your plan

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