How do I get an insurance covered breast pump through On Up? 

To receive an insurance covered breast pump through On Up, simply visit the Free for You page, select your insurance carrier, shop from the list of insurance covered breast pumps, check out, and provide the necessary information. On Up and the durable medical equipment (DME) provider will take it from there!

So, what does On Up do? 

On Up provides you with a selection of breast pumps that are *likely* free for you based on your health plan, collects your information, confirms that you have submitted all the necessary information, and then routes your order and information to the appropriate, in-network DME. 

Why does On Up say these pumps are likely covered for you?

We say likely because the DME will need to confirm your eligibility - that you are enrolled in the health plan you selected and that you may receive the pump you selected - immediately prior to shipping your breast pump. If you are not eligible to receive the breast pump that you selected at the time of shipping then On Up will contact you to change your order or cancel your order. 

What does the durable medical equipment provider (DME) do? 

The DME will verify your eligibility, contact your physician for a prescription (if necessary), ship the breast pump to you, and bill your insurance. If there is an issue with processing your order, On Up or the DME may contact you. 

Who are your DME partners? 

Today, we work with Medline. We are working on expanding our network of DME partners so that we can serve more moms.

What information do I need to provide? Why?

To receive a breast pump through insurance you must provide your name, contact information, shipping address, insurance information, your birthdate, the birthdate or due date of your baby and physician information. We collect your information so that the DME can bill your insurance company. On Up collects your information in a secure manner and complies with HIPAA. Go here to submit your information. 

Why isn't the pump I want free for me?

Your insurance company sets the amount of money they are willing to pay for a breast pump. The DME's job is to provide you with breast pump options based on the reimbursement rate set by your insurance company. 

Does On Up provide me with all my breast pump options? 

On Up does not guarantee that we carry all of the breast pumps you may be eligible to receive through insurance. On Up strives to give women a wide variety of breast pump options.

Do you offer "upgrades"? 

Some DMEs offer "upgrade" options, which require women to pay money out of pocket to purchase a different pump (i.e. a pump that's not free for them) or additional accessories (i.e. accessories that are not included in the free option). Today, we do not offer "upgrades." We've created a delightful shopping experience to let you select and pay for the right accessories for you.   

How do I create a Pumping List? 

Head here to create your pumping list.

Is this a real company? 

Yes! We are real. Meet our founder, and feel free to contact us to double check. 

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