The breast flange is the funnel shaped piece that cups your breast. A good fit is important! It can help make breast pumping comfortable and help you pump more milk. Ameda offers a range of different flange sizes and inserts – the CustomFit Flange System – to ensure the best fit. If you need a smaller size check out Ameda's inserts. If you only need the flange check out Ameda's flanges. 


    Additional Information:

    • BPA-free and DEHP-free
    • Designed to work with all Ameda HygieniKit® Milk Collection Systems and breast pumps
    • Sizing Guide by Ameda


    • (2) 30.5mm large breast blange with 28.5mm medium insert (large / medium CustomFit Kit)
    • (2) 36.0mm extra extra large flange with 32.5mm extra large insert (large insert / extra extra large flange CustomFit Kit)

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