Evenflo - Cooler Bag Accessory Kit


Evenflo's Cooler Bag Accessory Kit is an essential accessory for any pumping mom! The insulated cooler bag is perfect for keeping your milk protected longer. The Cooler Bag Accessory Kit also comes with 2 of our BPA-free, dishwasher safe Milk Collection Bottles. These bottles not only work with most standard neck pumps and include silicone sealing discs that provide spill-resistant storage, they are also compatible with Evenflo standard size nipples – meaning you can go directly from pump, to bag, to fridge, to baby. Also included in your Cooler Bag Accessory Kit are 3 ice packs to use in your cooler bag, helping you keep your hard-earned pumped milk cool and fresh until you can get home to your baby.

Additional Information:

  • Cooler Bag fits up to 6 milk storage bottles and 3 ice packs


  • (1) insulated cooler bag
  • (2) 5 fl. oz. milk collection bottles
  • (2) cap rings
  • (2) silicone sealing discs
  • (3) ice packs

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